In the neighbourhood of our future brewery (hopefully), there is a lot of this beautiful nature going on here.

a rocky waterfall feeds a crystal clear blue tinged river surrounded by green trees.

Currently reading.. The New IPA - A Scientific Guide To Hop Aroma And Flavor by Scott Janish

About to start chapter 3 but very interesting thus far, it feels like I have read a large number of the papers Janish is referring to throughout my studies but it is much more pleasant to read them in a less jargon heavy, more easy to read format.

The cover of a book called The New IPA, it is plain white with green text and a dissected hop cone on the cover


This tome is definitely the most beautiful beer book I own, thus far.

Looking forward to absorbing it’s knowledge!

The front cover of a book called The Botany of Beer featuring several sketches of plants.

Currently reading and being inspired by this book, lots of great designs but also good commentary on how to showcase other people’s artwork whilst maintaining brand consistency. I wanted to have the art of local artists on our cans since we decide on this path but have been concerned about how to do so in a fashion which doesn’t confuse our (tiny) potential customer base. Feeling better about this but have a friend I have yet to meet in the next village who is a designer whose work I enjoy so decisions are yet to be made on what direction we will go in.. possibly both!

Book: Craft Beer Design published by Gestalten

A primarily white book cover with splashes of colour provided by photos of beer can collections.

This tourist magazine showcasing places in our prefecture had a one-pager about the brewery I have been interning at.. I appear to have made the cut too as this somewhat hairy Scot can be seen pouring a beer at the taproom.

Also, the local NHK feature about the brewery that has me looking awkward in the background is being shown on national NHK on Saturday.. not sure how to handle this much limelight..

the cover of a magazine with the prefecture name in bold orange Japanese character, the cover image is a market scene. A short article about a brewery with several associated photos of the people involved,the location and the beers.

The Japanese have a word for thistle (azami) so it is seemingly not a species of plant un-encountered in Japan.. but I am increasingly seeing them in places where I live, walk or look.. pretty much exclusively.. which leads me to a pretty indisputable hypothesis..

Scots through some evolutionary genetic mutation, exude some sort of thistle, plant equivalent of spores.. and my understanding of international constitutional laws leads me to believe that land upon which thistles witnessed by Scots, and therefore presumably sown and breathed life within from those Scots, is automatically Scottish..

.. I should note that I have not spotted any roses around here..

.. anyway, thanks for coming to my TED talk on how we move Scotland further away from her Tory overlords beyond her Southern border.

a solitary thistle in bloom sits comfortably amongst other wild foliage with a backdrop of water-logged rice fields.

We took my folks up to the in-laws’ tea farm the other day and also showed them the likely site of our future brewery. This was our lunchtime view.

The preferred site of our brewery is actually in the photo but due to the land’s designation as government subsidised farm land it is very difficult to have the designation changed despite over half a century passing since the subsidy. It is doable but probably not in the timescales that we are working with, so we will be elsewhere.. probably in close proximity to this area.

photo overlooking a slew of green tea fields and a pond (barely visible) surrounded by cherry blossom tread.  there is barely a cloud in the blue skies above.

Stopped off at Shikoku Karst in the Tengu Highlands for a break on our (very) long drive up to Matsuyama in Ehime. The views were outstanding.

view from top of a mountain of surrounding peaks and clouds view from top of a mountain of surrounding peaks and clouds view from top of a mountain of surrounding peaks and clouds view from top of a mountain of surrounding peaks and clouds view from top of a mountain of surrounding peaks and clouds view from top of a mountain, there is a large chalet type building and a road up to a tunnel.

Had most of today off so took my parents to Yasui Valley in Niyodogawa Town. Had a walk up a nice short trail before the rain got too heavy.

A valley trail with a slow flowing stream down the centre of the shot and many trees with leaves of various hues. More pink blossoms in this shot of the same trail. a two tiered waterfall surrounded by trees. a closer shot of the two tiered waterfall nice green foliage climbs up an old tree branch with red and brown leaves on the ground. interesting plant leaves cover rocks on the side of the valley view down the valley from a raised bridge another shot of the narrow river through the valley