Phone makeover: I asked my daughter this evening if I could remove some of the love heart stickers that she had adorned my phone with some weeks ago.. the result, a new blue sparkly heart sticker!

The black back panel of a fairphone adorned with 10 very colourful, though predominantly pink, love heart stickers and one blue T-rex sticker.  The background is white.

My mum bought me a “Grow your own gourmet mushrooms” kit and I thought cool, a handful of oyster mushrooms for a couple of generations (can re-use the kit 1-2 times after first harvest)..

.. woah.. there are so many more sprouts than I was expecting!

A brown and green cardboard box hosts an abundance (possibly in excess of 100) of tiny little mushrooms with white stalks and grey caps.


Tonight’s #vegan sushi dinner was pretty excellent!

My wife did most of the prep and I constructed most of the sushi as well as make the miso veggies.

A blue plate on a black table on top of which are 8 Gunkan (boat-shaped) sushi the filling is tomato, avocado and spring onion. A blue plate on a black table.  on the plate are 8 nigiri sushi, with a bright red, marinated red pepper topping. A white plate on a black table holding many maki sushi, the fillings are carrot, yellow pepper, asparagus and ginger soy mince.  A small white plate with a number of small maki sushi for our daughter.  filling is carrot and avocado. A white bowl holds some greens in miso sauce: kalettes, brocolli and runner beans. karaage! deep fried, marinated and battered soy meat.. these are awesome. a top down shot of a number of dishes described in previous photos. A white plate with a collection of the foods described in earlier photos.  a nice collection of colourful veggies.


We bought our 3 y.o. daughter a recipe book and we just cooked tomato sauce and tortilla bread pizzas together.. I am so looking forward to doing this more often, particularly when we’re in Japan and my work-life balance improves.

a tortilla based pizza with tomato sauce and thin slices of avocado. it sits on a grey plate atop a black wooden table.


Some photos of our future house (rental) that my mother-in-law shared this morning. This Japanese history geek is delighted by the traditional look of this house!

Aerial shot of an old-fashioned wooden Japanese house nestled in the green of surrounding trees, grass and hillsides.  There is a small graveyard visible up the hill, a modern looking car shelter to the side of the house and an air circulation unit of some sort outside the front.  The facade is covered with windows and sliding doors. A ground level shot of a traditional Japanese wooden house.  There is a nicely manicures tree in front of the house and next to it a red moped.  To the right of the house under the car shelter is a white family car.  An orange or red mailbox can be seen on a pillar at the corner of the house.  There are several tiers of old-fashioned black roof tiles. A close up of the front (I think) of a traditional Japanese wooden house which reveals a little more detail.  There are sliding wooden panels in front of some windows and a circulation vent below them, more layered black roof tiles, and 4 sets of 4 panelled sliding doors.  There is a small satellite dish on the roof.


First recipe from the Scottish Vegan Cookbook that I bought last week was Stovies which is one of my all time favourite dishes despite its simplicity.

The dish was decent but for me needed to be a little bit more savoury (probably regional variation based preference) and so next time I make it, I’ll probably substitute the nutmeg for mace and “enhance” the dish with marmite or whichever yeast extract I have available at the time.

Texturally though it was pretty good, after I gave it a half-mash that is.. will revisit.

semi-mashed potatoes and thinly sliced onions of a slightly golden or more accurately beige hue, with some barely visible, slightly overcooked red lentils, seasoned with some chopped rosemary and cracked black pepper.  The dish is in a black pan.


One of three new vegan recipes books purchases today and the one I’m most excited about.. “The Scottish Vegan Cookbook” by Jackie Jones.. very much looking forward to trying many of the recipes.

The front cover of The Scottish Vegan Cookbook by Jacki Jones, top half of cover is black with the book title in white and grey text.  the lower half of the cover is a very colourful array of prepared fruit, veg and leafy greens, dark red cherries and purple blueberries  to light green broadband and lettuce leaves.