One of three new vegan recipes books purchases today and the one I’m most excited about.. “The Scottish Vegan Cookbook” by Jackie Jones.. very much looking forward to trying many of the recipes.

The front cover of The Scottish Vegan Cookbook by Jacki Jones, top half of cover is black with the book title in white and grey text.  the lower half of the cover is a very colourful array of prepared fruit, veg and leafy greens, dark red cherries and purple blueberries  to light green broadband and lettuce leaves.


Found these wee beauties growing on a tree stump in our garden. I haven’t attempted identification yet but I have my suspicions as to what they might be.

A ring of clustered, yellow mushrooms growing around the top of a tree trunk.


Right! Where did I leave my trainers?

Very much looking forward to having the time to read this book, and indeed to the act of reading it.. equally, probably.

The front cover of a book entitled "Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World".  The title is capitalised and in light blue, against a black background. Subtitle is in red font against a white banner, there is an illustrated view of a forest with white branches of mycelium entangling with the roots of trees, a fish swims in a river.  The bottom section of the cover is in white text on a red banner and says "PAUL STAMETS author of Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms"


I’ve only been able to identify about half of these mushrooms from today’s walk.. I wasn’t intending on eating any of them hence only gathering a small amount of each but probably just as well as I am only sure of two or three that I could eat if I so decided.. and I’m not one for taking chances with this.

I’ve taken lots of individual photos, took notes, dissected them all and looked them up in the few books I have and some “mushroom identification” apps.. and still only about half.

Very open to advice on learning resources and techniques if anyone more knowledgeable (would be difficult to be less so) has any to share.

Boosts appreciated.

A brown wooden tray with 13 different mushrooms of a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.. mostly unidentified as of yet.


Bought some new books which arrived today!

Also picked a few wild mushrooms on the way home to try and identify.. I suspect these will not be consumed as initial glances suggest they are one of the ‘knight’ mushrooms and may be toxic.. will study a bit more as I may well be mistaken.

a stack of books titled (from top to bottom): Eating Wild in Japan; Wild Food; Edible Mushrooms and A Beginner's Guide to Mushrooms The caps of two brown mushrooms one very large and one smaller, top view. the underside of two mushrooms with yellowish gills turning brown. A hand holding half a mushroom showing bisected stem, dense creamy coloured turning brown.

6 month early warning system message: incoming, a new sleep thief to challenge the throne which Islay proudly sits astride.. 😁🥳

Photo of 2 sonograph prints showing a baby growing in Sakino's womb. Photo of 2 sonograph prints showing a baby growing in Sakino's womb.


Some shots from our recent “staycation” holiday in Aberdeen, including some photos from Dunnottar Castle and Stonehaven, an excellent Plant-based food truck and the flagship pub from my favourite brewery.

An Asian woman and her young daughter hugging in, in the background is a bare stone wall, the interior of a bar. A middle-aged white guy with gingery white beard, wearing a black t-shirt, green jacket, jeans, sunglasses and a cap carrying his young daughter in his arms, she is wearing a blue summer dress and blue hat.  the background is a small but fairly crowded sandy beach with some boats in the water. A young Asian, Scottish girl crouches on a large grey stone next to a bronze model of a Viking longship, in the background is the North Sea. An Asian woman sits on a grassy hill with her daughter between her legs, hands clasped and reaching for the sky.  in the background are some ancient castle ruins. a selfie, with an Asian woman wearing a black cap, a white guy with a gingery white beard wearing a beige cap and sunglasses carrying their daughter, wearing a blue Summer dress with shoulder length brown hair, between them. in the background and at a much lower elevation is a rocky beach cove. A largely wooden food truck with green upper half, a surfboard sits atop the truck with the text "Roots - Plant-based catering" and "Roots @ The Beach".  There is a menu A-board in front of the truck, some flowers in aluminium pails, two kiosk windows,one for orders and one for collection and a maske woman is visible inside the truck.  In the foreground is the promenade path. The foreground is a shot of a Plant-based burger, with vegan cheese and some nachos atop of the patty and lettuce & avocado below,  in the background is a bowl of loaded fries covered with sriracha mayo, pickled cabbage, a white sauce and spring onions. further back is a blurry burger, detailed in the next shot. The foreground is a shot of a Plant-based burger, with pickled red cabbage atop of the patty and lettuce & avocado below, a mess of light orange sriracha mayo runs down the sides of the burger.  in the background is a bowl of fries. A tilted shot of a Fierce Beer branded glass with a dark beer inside, the bar is visible in the background with a steel Fierce Hopman logo,  some blurred taps, a menu monitor and a masked barman with curly dark hair. A samurai-themed decorated cutout of the Fierce Hopman logo on a blue wall.  A small, herbaceous looking plant in a white pot sits in front of the logo, next to a small candle.  A bit of a black watch tartan face mask is also visible on a wooden table.