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The first of my two original recipe 80/- brews has been poured after 6 weeks of patiently waiting!

I wish I hadn’t drank 4 Brewdog beers before sampling this but it seems to have a surprisingly dominant caramel flavour, which fits the style and is pretty tasty! Before I get too carried away, I’ll have to taste without external influences but for a first attempt at an original recipe, I am tentatively calling it a success.

It isn’t suitable for infusion with tea, at least I don’t think so, but it might be useful for other purposes in the future.. might need to look into “pastry” beers as I suspect a caramel & hazelnut tart ale might be interesting.


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Studying: B91FI Filtration and Packaging @ Heriot Watt University, a course from the MSc in Brewing and Distilling programme.

Fermenting: My own 80/- recipe mk. II time to take the stabilisers off for a wee while!

Planning: A series of Single Malt and Single Hop (SMaSH) beers, IPAs most likely to learn about different hops

Reading: Handbook of Brewing by Graham G. Stewart, Inge Russel and Anne Anstruther.

Watching: Borgen a Danish political drama. Slowly making my way through seeason 1, it is good!

Playing: Crusader Kings III a grand strategy game with strong story, character and legacy development.

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1 Apr 2021
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