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Today was Islay’s 3rd birthday, and I am bursting with pride. Watching this, often frustrating, little girl grow into the beautiful creature that she has become has been he greatest pleasure of my life. Also, it is entirely down to her that our current, exciting plans are being realised.

So much love for my wee girl! Happy birthday poppet!

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Studying: B91FI Filtration and Packaging @ Heriot Watt University, a course from the MSc in Brewing and Distilling programme.

Fermenting: Challenger SMaSH IPA which is my second attempt at a SMaSH IPA.

Planning: A series of Single Malt and Single Hop (SMaSH) beers, IPAs most likely to learn about different hops

Reading: Handbook of Brewing by Graham G. Stewart, Inge Russell and Anne Anstruther.

Watching: Borgen a Danish political drama. Slowly making my way through season 1, it is good!

Playing: Crusader Kings III a grand strategy game with strong story, character and legacy development.

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13 Apr 2021
Islay pickup
route map of outdoor exercise from fitotrack app Distance
1.963 km
10:10 min/km
Calories burned
128 kcal