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On the train home from a rare night out. We visited the city to attend an event that a few of our friends were involved with. I initially noticed the event on my village vegan IG account but my taco truck friend (also a sound engineer, formerly for Los Lobos and Norah Jones etc.)invited us saying there are vegan options.. the event was a collaboration between his culinary and musical selves as well as a local nut butter company and another friend of mine who will soon open his craft beer brewery.

.. I initially thought that the vegan offerings would be only from my friend but when we arrived my attendance was announced.. My name was on the menu blackboard and they made a proper big deal about it.. I was a little embarrassed at first but Christ on a bike, the food was amazing!

The weird thing was I met someone who I believe to not be Japanese and indeed to be natively English speaking who perhaps felt that I wanted to speak in Japanese and after an initial chat told me she read my posts on note.com.. a Japanese blogging site.. fuck me, my mind is blown.

Moving to Japan Checklist - abbreviated post move

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Studying: B91CE Cereals, Malting and Mashing as part of the Brewing and Distilling PGDip programme @ Heriot Watt University.

Fermenter 1: Packed up and ready to be unpacked

Fermenter 2: Packed up and ready to be unpacked

Planning: The layout of the brew kitchen as well as our own brewery.

Reading: Water: A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers by John Palmer and Colin Kaminski.