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Our tomato farming friends gave us a big bag of tomatoes which were not pretty enough for sale.. they are utterly delicious.. made a pizza sauce with some of them this evening.. was fantastic!

There may be an almost complete lack of vegan options for eating out here but the swathes of fresh produce, frequently free, makes giant strides towards making up for it!


Moving to Japan Checklist - abbreviated post move

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Studying: B91CE Cereals, Malting and Mashing as part of the Brewing and Distilling PGDip programme @ Heriot Watt University.

Fermenter 1: Packed up and ready to be unpacked

Fermenter 2: Packed up and ready to be unpacked

Planning: The layout of the brew kitchen as well as our own brewery.

Reading: Water: A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers by John Palmer and Colin Kaminski.