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Busy weekend ahead bartending as this is apparently the taproom’s (expected) busiest weekend of the year.. but to maximise my utility I also volunteered to come in a couple of hours early to vacuum-pack a big bag of hops.. no point in half-assing the brewery experience, if the brewer is going to be exhausted then so am I.

Moving to Japan Checklist - abbreviated post move

Be in JapanBecome a brewer

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Studying: On a semester long break from the MSc in Brewing and Distilling programme @ Heriot Watt University.

Fermenter 1: Packed up and ready for transport

Fermenter 2: Packed up and ready for transport

Planning: Our move to Japan and subsequent low-alcohol home brews.

Reading: IPA - Brewing Techniques, Recipes and the Evolution of INDIA PALE ALE by Mitch Steele.

Watching: Masterchef Australia Season 14

Playing: Crusader Kings III a grand strategy game with strong story, character and legacy development.