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I'm currently in the process of writing scripts to integrate my GoToSocial account into the site and have recently enabled cactus comments for all posts. So there may be some minor disruptions.

If you are interested in keeping in touch then there are various contact options under my photo on the right, and if you just want to follow my updates then please click on the feeds link at the top and copy your preferred feed link into your RSS reader of preference.. not sure what RSS is?

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I see a number of folk are using mastodon as a static blog commenting tool and I might have to look into that and see if it would work with the GoToSocial api (I think it would).. pretty sure that my syndication scripts already pull the relevant post URIs and would be easy enough to deploy as a replacement for cactus comments.

Not sure exactly when this will happen but I am intrigued..

Moving to Japan Checklist - abbreviated post move

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Studying: B91CE Cereals, Malting and Mashing as part of the Brewing and Distilling PGDip programme @ Heriot Watt University.

Fermenter 1: Packed up and ready to be unpacked

Fermenter 2: Packed up and ready to be unpacked

Planning: The layout of the brew kitchen as well as our own brewery.

Reading: Water: A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers by John Palmer and Colin Kaminski.