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I am still currently working towards the dream of opening a small, independent craft beer brewery in rural Japan. After a year and a half of being here and searching we still do not have a location though we are potentially making progress on two possible brewery sites. Progress being very subjective, nothing happens quickly in this part of the world but updates about this journey and life in general can be found within these pages.

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It has been a while since my last note here, been a very busy period. Basically, we have found a brewery location that we like and are able to buy (the owner is eager to sell), however we have concerns about the strength of the land supporting the foundations of the building (just the frame/skeleton as the floors have none).

The area was previously affected by floods, which now should no longer be a thing, and the warehouse has subsided by about 20cm on one side. We are discussing it’s safety and options for securing the foundations with various engineers and should soon be in a good position to make a decision and return to the negotiation table.

We are also considering a new build on a different plot in the village just in case this warehouse is not safe. However, we both really want the warehouse to work out.. it will be like a 3 minute walk from our future house! So I am slowly transferring funds over to Japan in the hope that we can close this deal over the next month or two.


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Studying: Lots of books about beer styles, branding, hop growing and establishing a craft beer brewery.

Progress: In discussions about potential sites for our brewery.