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I am still currently working towards the dream of opening a small, independent craft beer brewery in rural Japan. After a year and a half of being here and searching we still do not have a location though we are potentially making progress on two possible brewery sites. Progress being very subjective, nothing happens quickly in this part of the world but updates about this journey and life in general can be found within these pages.

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Latest note

As we’ve decided to be a brewery specialising in (but not limited to) Scottish beers, I focused on that today. I read Scotch Ales by Greg Noonan in its entirety and then honed the flavour profiles that I want from each beer style.

Then I wrote 3 new recipes for a 60 /-, 70/- and a “Scottish IPA” based loosely on the traditional brewing techniques and their impacts on bitterness etc. as well as modifying my existing recipe for an 80 /-, tamed my wee heavy recipe to be a dark and smokey 90 /- and modified my reluctant lager recipe to be more interesting.. don’t need to modify my porage stout recipe, it’s good as it is.

All theoretical of course as I can’t homebrew here but they look good and I think they will hit the flavour profiles I have in mind.

Pretty productive day.


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Studying: Lots of books about beer styles, branding, hop growing and establishing a craft beer brewery.

Progress: In discussions about potential sites for our brewery.