Real Talk: I think Jock and Mel are the best hosts of all of the many seasons of MasterChef Australia (as much love as I had for the previous hosts).. but Andy.. he’s the C3PO of this saga.. and a barely intelligible one at that.

Phase one complete! Posting to my site now syndicates to a new activitypub account I have on my new GoToSocial instance.

What works:

  • Notes (short form text posts like this)
  • Media + Media Descriptions (primarily photos)
  • Likes, Shares and Comments (made from this site to activitypub accounts)
  • Visibility scopes (public, un-listed, follower only)
  • Content warnings

Basically the writing or push phase is done, the reading or pull phase is next and I have a plan but have worked hard enough this week so chilling!

Probable site redesign at some point whenever I can find the time (it’ll likely take me less time to work out than I expect) will hopefully do the following:

Integrate activitypub interactivity by hooking up to an account using GoToSocial which I’m following the development of closely but haven’t yet experimented with.

Write scripts to poll the GtS API and pull new posts/interactions and write to JSON or yaml files for Hugo to convert to static pages. This might require me to completely rewrite the webmentions endpoint.. I need to think about multiple process flows and make sure that existing functionality isn’t broken.

Properly integrate cactus comments (using my dendrite instance) to relevant posts, which requires clarification from the devs on how to install the appservice without docker. This should enable comments via matrix, webmentions and activitypub which for the first two includes guest commenting.

Redesign how media is displayed, particularly photo albums. Also categorisation via hashtags will need a rejig.. not sure if it is viable to add search to a static site but also an option for investigation.

I currently use the Indigenous app for posting to this site and my semi-anonymous social media facing site (to be retired on completion of the work on this site) which I’d like to continue, which would mean that I’m primarily syndicating to and pulling from activitypub.. I tend to use Tusky for activitypub reading and occasional posting, so I need to also ensure that replies, likes, shares etc. are correctly recorded regardless of the app I use.

Write a script (or do it manually) to pull all of my pixelfed posts and save them to this site.. as I really don’t think that I need to host a single person instance of pixelfed any more.. at the very least if family show an interest I can build another instance using this tld.

A lot of work but it will be transferrable to other future sites for other folks or future brewery purposes.. so worthwhile.. now, where can I find the time?

Driving theory test passed again.

Now need to try to book an intensive driving course and practical test as soon as I can.

Also, will try to rebook rebook another theory test for Sakino as she was unable to attend today.


I’ve spent a few days creating a web site for a new beer related database that I created last week. I still need to add a search facility but looking good so far.

The primarily function is a quick reference for ingredient profiles and recipes to aid with studies and recipe development but it could continue to grow and be useful for future brewery purposes.

I called it Leann, which is Gàidhlig for beer.

Just a wee geek X brewing student collaboration!


Sakino and I finally managed to book our driving theory tests, both on the same day, but in two different cities!

We’ve both passed before so hopefully will again and then we’ll try and get intensive courses booked asap afterwards.

I’m not a fan of cars or driving but a licence is a prerequisite to our application to move to Japan so, we’ll do what we have to do.

Just completed my second of a seven day beginner’s yoga course.. Today’s focus was around side and shoulder mobility and was much more painful than yesterday’s session.

The pain being due to the tension in my shoulders and neck rather than the probably pretty light stretching in the course.

I’ll complete all 7 days before concluding if its for me but the warm burn in my shoulder muscles right now isn’t unpleasant.. So, the mind remains open.


I received my first covid-19 vaccination yesterday, feeling a shade tired and have slightly sore muscles but generally grand.

When the world inevitably falls apart and we all break into our vaccination-based factions (vacsfacs), I’ll be in the AstraZeneca tribe.. I suggest we strive for alliances with younger tribes as most of us are middle-aged.. I can either be a diplomat/strategist or make us beer..

Managed to get my final assignment submitted in time today despite a surprise letter arriving yesterday advising me that I have a sister that I didn’t know about until now (via my mum’s ex-husband who was the y chromosome contributor to my conception).

Focus levels were somewhat low but it should be a decent pass, and I’ve registered for my next course on wort boiling and fermentation, which will hopefully bring the bioscience knowledge to the table after its absence from my last course.

Another sister though.. 24 years my junior.. mind blown!

Today was Islay’s 3rd birthday, and I am bursting with pride. Watching this, often frustrating, little girl grow into the beautiful creature that she has become has been he greatest pleasure of my life. Also, it is entirely down to her that our current, exciting plans are being realised.

So much love for my wee girl! Happy birthday poppet!