Spent the morning building a DIY hop trellis as last year my first hops grew higher than expected. This year looks even better so have set up an under (frosted glass) car port trellis and we’ll see how it goes.

I am not the handiest so will it handle the wait? No idea!

Will it even be necessary or just an over -engineered waste of string? No idea!

Was it a fun project that made me feel a bit closer to my rural environment? It sure was!


Video description: A somewhat rainy scene, water streams down the car windscreen whilst the occasional car passes, in an otherwise quiet village.

As we’ve decided to be a brewery specialising in (but not limited to) Scottish beers, I focused on that today. I read Scotch Ales by Greg Noonan in its entirety and then honed the flavour profiles that I want from each beer style.

Then I wrote 3 new recipes for a 60 /-, 70/- and a “Scottish IPA” based loosely on the traditional brewing techniques and their impacts on bitterness etc. as well as modifying my existing recipe for an 80 /-, tamed my wee heavy recipe to be a dark and smokey 90 /- and modified my reluctant lager recipe to be more interesting.. don’t need to modify my porage stout recipe, it’s good as it is.

All theoretical of course as I can’t homebrew here but they look good and I think they will hit the flavour profiles I have in mind.

Pretty productive day.


Our youngest kid is 2 now and as such we are encouraging her to make choices on her own as often as we can. Choices such as what clothes do you want to wear today? what book do you want to read? etc.

Somehow this has recently been extended to asking her to choose who changes her nappy after she has pooed.. I did not introduce this.. and yet, for some reason she ALWAYS chooses me.. I do not approve of this branch of the game.


It has been a while since my last note here, been a very busy period. Basically, we have found a brewery location that we like and are able to buy (the owner is eager to sell), however we have concerns about the strength of the land supporting the foundations of the building (just the frame/skeleton as the floors have none).

The area was previously affected by floods, which now should no longer be a thing, and the warehouse has subsided by about 20cm on one side. We are discussing it’s safety and options for securing the foundations with various engineers and should soon be in a good position to make a decision and return to the negotiation table.

We are also considering a new build on a different plot in the village just in case this warehouse is not safe. However, we both really want the warehouse to work out.. it will be like a 3 minute walk from our future house! So I am slowly transferring funds over to Japan in the hope that we can close this deal over the next month or two.


On our flights to Hokkaido I designed, and we tweaked a tartan which I think we are going to register as our brewery’s official tartan.. because.. why not?

We are off to Eastern Hokkaido for a business trip for a few days as of tomorrow morning.. if we are lucky we are looking at a max temp of 0°C so that’ll be nice..

Felt my first earthquake today, it wasn’t overly strong but nonetheless unsettling. It is somewhat of a surprise that I’ve spent almost 3 years in Japan (over various visits etc.) that this is the first time. Lasted about 20-30 seconds, of gentle shaking, most folks were unperturbed, but my wife looked pretty rattled.

Happy to wait another 3 years or more for the next, thanks.

There is a Shogun movie coming out in 3 days time?!?!?

Right then, time to watch the original TV series! It is after all probably the reason I eventually ended up living in Japan.

Well our youngest daughter has tonight learned how to say “please, Papa” , so that’ll be game over then.