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Jon Kelbie󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿's avatar6 Sep 2021 16:21 GMT

Thinking of rejigging my micropub endpoint so that I can post articles using an indieweb writer.. relatively straightforward change, just need to search categories for blog name and assign to the relevant custom property for Hugo to correctly sort. Should probably have done this a long time ago..

I’ll also update my syndication script to post articles to GtS too.. not that I have or expect to have a large readership but I wondered what people would prefer..

  1. Full article but collapsed behind a content warning\subject, or
  2. A summary and link to blog post

Not sure which is the preferred etiquette.. I quite like reading full blog posts directly in my timeline but I have previously (manually) posted summaries with links before.. thoughts?

I’ve managed to hack the micropub endpoint to have Hugo correctly categorise the blog post.. but I now need to probably hack and host quill in order to allow me to add a header image and description to the front matter of posts.. which I’m not overly enthusiastic about.. might just do a wee tour of micropub clients and see if any already cater for this.