I turned up to work at the brewery a shade early a few weeks ago and went for a wander whilst I waited for the brewer to arrive.

A small cluster of houses built at varying levels up a tree covered hill, with a river running by below. Rapids of a quick flowing river surrounded in green foliage and trees. Truck tracks through a well maintained forest park, there are floral bushes and well looked after trees.  There is a low brick wall to the right of the tracks. a crystal clear pool of water with various coloured pebbles and stones in view, surrounded by greenery. A torii gate stands aside an ascending path into the hills, there is a patch of grass ahead of these and lots of trees around. A pool of water containing an abundance of different plants and grasses. A small waterfall pours out of the side of a hill framed by thin trunked trees. A black wooden brewery is just visible between some intentionally space trees in this forest park area.



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