Tonight’s #vegan sushi dinner was pretty excellent!

My wife did most of the prep and I constructed most of the sushi as well as make the miso veggies.

A blue plate on a black table on top of which are 8 Gunkan (boat-shaped) sushi the filling is tomato, avocado and spring onion. A blue plate on a black table.  on the plate are 8 nigiri sushi, with a bright red, marinated red pepper topping. A white plate on a black table holding many maki sushi, the fillings are carrot, yellow pepper, asparagus and ginger soy mince.  A small white plate with a number of small maki sushi for our daughter.  filling is carrot and avocado. A white bowl holds some greens in miso sauce: kalettes, brocolli and runner beans. karaage! deep fried, marinated and battered soy meat.. these are awesome. a top down shot of a number of dishes described in previous photos. A white plate with a collection of the foods described in earlier photos.  a nice collection of colourful veggies.



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