Some shots from our recent “staycation” holiday in Aberdeen, including some photos from Dunnottar Castle and Stonehaven, an excellent Plant-based food truck and the flagship pub from my favourite brewery.

An Asian woman and her young daughter hugging in, in the background is a bare stone wall, the interior of a bar. A middle-aged white guy with gingery white beard, wearing a black t-shirt, green jacket, jeans, sunglasses and a cap carrying his young daughter in his arms, she is wearing a blue summer dress and blue hat.  the background is a small but fairly crowded sandy beach with some boats in the water. A young Asian, Scottish girl crouches on a large grey stone next to a bronze model of a Viking longship, in the background is the North Sea. An Asian woman sits on a grassy hill with her daughter between her legs, hands clasped and reaching for the sky.  in the background are some ancient castle ruins. a selfie, with an Asian woman wearing a black cap, a white guy with a gingery white beard wearing a beige cap and sunglasses carrying their daughter, wearing a blue Summer dress with shoulder length brown hair, between them. in the background and at a much lower elevation is a rocky beach cove. A largely wooden food truck with green upper half, a surfboard sits atop the truck with the text "Roots - Plant-based catering" and "Roots @ The Beach".  There is a menu A-board in front of the truck, some flowers in aluminium pails, two kiosk windows,one for orders and one for collection and a maske woman is visible inside the truck.  In the foreground is the promenade path. The foreground is a shot of a Plant-based burger, with vegan cheese and some nachos atop of the patty and lettuce & avocado below,  in the background is a bowl of loaded fries covered with sriracha mayo, pickled cabbage, a white sauce and spring onions. further back is a blurry burger, detailed in the next shot. The foreground is a shot of a Plant-based burger, with pickled red cabbage atop of the patty and lettuce & avocado below, a mess of light orange sriracha mayo runs down the sides of the burger.  in the background is a bowl of fries. A tilted shot of a Fierce Beer branded glass with a dark beer inside, the bar is visible in the background with a steel Fierce Hopman logo,  some blurred taps, a menu monitor and a masked barman with curly dark hair. A samurai-themed decorated cutout of the Fierce Hopman logo on a blue wall.  A small, herbaceous looking plant in a white pot sits in front of the logo, next to a small candle.  A bit of a black watch tartan face mask is also visible on a wooden table.



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