A few recent photos with Sakino and Islay, a few featuring our friends’ three month old son Tomo. It’s nice to be able to meet people and do things again, hopefully this will be a more regular occurrence from now on.

A Japanese woman with short hair wearing a denim jacket, kneeling with a three year old Scottish and Japanese girl who is holding a new born Japanese baby. A Japanese woman holding a large lily pad above her head with a small girl in a blue dress doing the same. A greying middle-aged, bearded man wearing sunglasses,a beige cap and green jacket, crouched whilst holding a takeaway coffee cup.  young daughter in a white cardigan leaning on his lap. A bearded guy, wearing a checked blue and green shirt, beige cap and sunglasses cradling a three monrh old baby in his arms. it's a sunny day with a residential garden view in the background.



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