As we’ve decided to be a brewery specialising in (but not limited to) Scottish beers, I focused on that today. I read Scotch Ales by Greg Noonan in its entirety and then honed the flavour profiles that I want from each beer style.

Then I wrote 3 new recipes for a 60 /-, 70/- and a “Scottish IPA” based loosely on the traditional brewing techniques and their impacts on bitterness etc. as well as modifying my existing recipe for an 80 /-, tamed my wee heavy recipe to be a dark and smokey 90 /- and modified my reluctant lager recipe to be more interesting.. don’t need to modify my porage stout recipe, it’s good as it is.

All theoretical of course as I can’t homebrew here but they look good and I think they will hit the flavour profiles I have in mind.

Pretty productive day.



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