Probable site redesign at some point whenever I can find the time (it’ll likely take me less time to work out than I expect) will hopefully do the following:

Integrate activitypub interactivity by hooking up to an account using GoToSocial which I’m following the development of closely but haven’t yet experimented with.

Write scripts to poll the GtS API and pull new posts/interactions and write to JSON or yaml files for Hugo to convert to static pages. This might require me to completely rewrite the webmentions endpoint.. I need to think about multiple process flows and make sure that existing functionality isn’t broken.

Properly integrate cactus comments (using my dendrite instance) to relevant posts, which requires clarification from the devs on how to install the appservice without docker. This should enable comments via matrix, webmentions and activitypub which for the first two includes guest commenting.

Redesign how media is displayed, particularly photo albums. Also categorisation via hashtags will need a rejig.. not sure if it is viable to add search to a static site but also an option for investigation.

I currently use the Indigenous app for posting to this site and my semi-anonymous social media facing site (to be retired on completion of the work on this site) which I’d like to continue, which would mean that I’m primarily syndicating to and pulling from activitypub.. I tend to use Tusky for activitypub reading and occasional posting, so I need to also ensure that replies, likes, shares etc. are correctly recorded regardless of the app I use.

Write a script (or do it manually) to pull all of my pixelfed posts and save them to this site.. as I really don’t think that I need to host a single person instance of pixelfed any more.. at the very least if family show an interest I can build another instance using this tld.

A lot of work but it will be transferrable to other future sites for other folks or future brewery purposes.. so worthwhile.. now, where can I find the time?


Interactions on this site are possible either via webmentions or matrix courtesy of cactus chat, though guest (not logged in) commenting is not yet available. Alternatively, contact me via matrix or email.


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