Okayama tackles Tokyo’s domination of cool web clips! (well sort of)

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It seems at the moment that half of Tokyo is working in collaboration to create a very cool time lapse or tilt shift (often both) videos of the city and admittedly they are indeed very cool.

However, my year in Japan isn’t going to be spent in Tokyo, instead I will be living in Okayama and I think it’s high time that the few Okayama citizens with some photographic skill stand up and represent their city (or prefecture – we’re going to need the numbers!).

After trawling the mighty internet for oh, I don’t know, about 12 minutes I managed to track down a potential competitor to fly the flag for Okayama, his youtube name is seirinkai and I propose the he lead the fight on behalf of the spirit of Momotaro and Naruto!

In front of Okayama Station:

Come on brave photographic types of Okayama stand proud and tall!

Some of the cool Tokyo videos can be seen here:

Tokyo Miniature City

Tokyo, Time-lapsed

Tokyo Night


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