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Hàlo! Wow, I haven’t updated this blog since November last year! Apologies to anyone who visits but life got in the way as it so often does.

Anyhow, I am still studying Gàidhlig and whilst my attendance for term 2 was unfortunately only about 40-50% I’m still holding my own :)

At this stage there is a similar pattern to my Gaelic studying experience as there was (is) to my Japanese experience and in both I think that patchy attendance is most likely the cause.. that is that I am managing to understand the grammar concepts, I can read and write (obviously with many dictionary references) and I’m slowly getting my tongue around some of the pronunciation.. but my comprehension of spoken Gaelic is still very weak.

Hopefully I’ll manage a sustained run of attendance to classes this term and start to improve upon this (2/2 so far!).

So, I thought I’d share my homework for this week whilst I work on it. We are learning about past tense and present tense verb conjugation/construction and in class we answered the following Ceistean with positive responses, the homework is to construct the negative responses to the questions.

I missed the class in term two where this was discussed and as such don’t have explanatory handout so will have to actually work through this one on my tenuous understanding of the grammar rules.

Ceistean “yes” “no” Question
A bheil thu tinn? Tha mi tinn. Chan eil mi tinn. Are you ill?
A bheil thu a’ dol don chèilidh? Tha mi a’ dol don chèilidh. Chan eil mi a’ dol don chèilidh. Are you going to the ceilidh?
An robh thu aig a’ bhùth an-dè? Bha mi aig a’ bhùth an-dè. Cha robh aig a’ bhùth an-dè. Were you at the shop yesterday?
An robh thu aig a’ cheilidh a-raoir? Bha mi aig a’ cheilidh a-raoir. Cha robh aig a’ cheilidh a-raoir. Were you at the ceilidh last night?
Am bi thu a’ tighinn an seo tric? Bidh mi a’ tighinn an seo tric? Cha bhi mi a’ tighinn an seo tric? Do you come here often?
An e saor a th’annad? ‘Se saor a th’annam. Chan e saor a th’annam. Are you a joiner?
An e poileas a th’annad? ‘Se poileas a th’annam. Chan e poileas a th’annam. Are you a police officer?
An toil leat cofaidh? ‘S toil leam cofaidh. Cha toil leam cofaidh. Do you like coffee?
An toil leat iasg? ‘S toil leam iasg. Cha toil leam iasg. Do you like fish?
An do dh’ òl thu an tì? Dh’ òl mi an tì. Cha do dh’ ol mi an tì. Did you drink the tea?
An do dh’ ith thu an fheòil? Dh’ ith mi an fheòil. Cha do dh’ ith mi an fheòil. Did you eat the meat?
An do chuir thu ort do chòta? Chuiridh mi orm mo chòta. Cha do chuiridh mi orm mo chòta. Did wear your coat?
An ith thu iasg? Ithidh mi iasg. Chan ithidh mi iasg. Will you eat fish?
An suidh thu ri taobh Iain? Suidhidh mi ri taobh Iain. Cha suidhidh mi ri taobh Iain. Will you sit beside Iain?
An dèan thu cofaidh?* Ni mi cofaidh. Cha dèan mi cofaidh. Will you make coffee?
An do rinn thu cèic?* Rinn mi cèic. Cha d’ rinn mi cèic. Did you make cake?
An toil leat snàmh? ‘S toil leam snàmh. Cha toil leam sn’amh Do you like swimming?

* dèan is one of ten irregular verbs in Gaelic and doesn’t follow the regular conjugation rules, in this case the past tense form of dèan is rinn and the future tense positive form ni.

Questions in Gaelic appear to frequently be about coffee and cake (possibly more reflective of our tutor) and as I don’t like, make or eat either my, conversations tend to be somewhat shorter than the rest of the classes :).


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